Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taste Cervical Mucus Pregnant

Small plots of bread with garlic and oregano. .. by Cool and Chic Style

E'bastato the title to make me fall in love with these sandwiches ...
When I saw the beautiful blog of Stephanie , which refer to the recipe, I had no doubts: I have to redo them as soon as possible!
So, on the evening of Christmas Eve dinner Christmas, taking advantage of a dinner of fish, I decided to do it.

I had two problems:
1) did not have a yeast ... little problem, eh! But I was now determined to do it and I used half a bag of yeast powder that I had a few months ... the result is that there have soared far ... probably the yeast was no longer good.
2) The plot .... !!!!! At first, a disaster !!!!!! Just I could not ... I decided to do my own thing, as it seemed more logical and, miraculously, it came out almost a decent plot!
Despite these contingencies, the sandwiches were excellent! From inside you could see they were not leavened, but despite this I also liked it, let alone made to perfection!
Thanks Stephen for this recipe, I'll just make sure them, taking care to check the ingredients before starting :-)


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